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James Farmer Lectures – Progress Report

James Farmer Lectures – Progress Report

This past Thursday February 9th, my group and I decided it would be the perfect time to create our group contract that is due this Monday, February 13th. We discussed our mission statement, our objectives, how we decided to split up the work, and even created due dates so that we do not let ourselves get behind.

So far, we have decided to create a digital archive for thirteen lectures that James Farmer while he was at Mary Washington College. There are video as well as audio clips that we will upload and stream via SoundCloud and (hopefully!) Vimeo. We have a WordPress website already, in its early stages.

We have been using the help of Jim Groom and Tim O’Donnell to allow us to use their already digitized copies of the James Farmer Lectures. We have also been trying to get in touch with Vimeo to see if we will be able to use them as a video host. Although Mary Washington now has copyright for the videos, we were not the original creators, which may cause a problem with hosting a video on Vimeo. A local news station, WNVT-TV Channel 53, created the lecture videos and gave us the copyright. After WNVT-TV had merged into a DC news station they had lost track and had no records of even creating the video.

Overall, I think the objectives and goals of our project are very clear (which my group will elaborate on when the February 23rd presentations roll around.) I think my group members and I feel that this digital project is not only very interesting, but that we will be able to positively impact and reach to a broader community for all interested in James Farmers reflections and the Civil Rights Movement.