Our Final Product

Our Final Product

And the final site is up! James Farmer Digital Archive

The James Farmer group meet together in the lab today to make a few changes to the website for the final draft due tomorrow. Things we changed:

– The layout of the homepage: It’s now just the tags and the quote section on on the bottom of the page.

– Fixed the links to the slide shows (FIXED the short photo on the slide!)

– Changed the search bar to show up on all the pages, with the quotes pluggin underneath.

– Cited all of the photos (gave credit to UMW Digital Archives and Caitlin’s Flickr)

– Kelsey’s updated Map with descriptions

– Sent out our official email invitations for our presentation at the symposium this Friday to anyone who has helped us out along the way

We are going to have one last look through tomorrow morning before class and it’s final!

One Response

  1. I can’t believe we are finished! With all the roadblocks in the beginning it feels good to have overcome them and make our site.