Group Update!

Group Update!

So this week, I have been working on a research paper, so I have not done a lot with the James Farmer site other than trying to figure out our new layout.  My group is meeting with Jim Groom on Wednesday to figure out how we can fix our static page to the sample theme image with a few featured pages as images that are able to automatically scroll.  Other than that there are a few other things that need to be done with the site.

– Post the rest of the selected stories that Michelle has uploaded to vimeo

– Look over transcripts, summaries of lectures and selected stories

– Create tag/category cloud for the selected stories

– And possibly get creative on the site with the summaries of all audio and all video. I’ll talk to Jim Groom about possibly making a drop down that shows/hides the summaries of each lecture or selected story.

With our project finally coming together, I am so happy at what we have accomplished this semester! From simply gathering the audio and video, not knowing how or IF we were even allowed to post the lectures online, to the initial trouble of uploading such large files to Vimeo, I think we have come so far in such a short time.

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  1. It amazes how methodical you guys are with your site. You guys seem to cover every aspect of the digital world that your project could possibly touch on. The thoroughness of editing and double-checking to make sure all of the aspects of the site work is also commending. I hope group can take a page out of our book and do a lot more editing to make our site look polished.