James Farmer Group – Progress Report

James Farmer Group – Progress Report

My group has pretty much stayed on target in terms of our project time line listed on our contract a few weeks ago.

These are the things we will be working on for the remainder of the semester:

We have summaries of the lectures on Google Docs that just need to be uploaded to the site. We need to compose a short biography of James Farmer. We need to discuss who we are and why this project is important to us and how it will benefit everyone else who visits the site. We also are thinking about creating a tag cloud of some sort or even create categories for our selected stories that also gives the view another way to access our information. And we need to share relevant links as well as give credit to contributors that made our blog/information/video possible. And last but not least, we want to begin to cut video for our promotional trailer.

We have the final design of the website, which I have been in charge of all semester long. I would like to change and tweek a few things on the site within the next week or so.

– First I would like to post all of the summaries of the lectures (perhaps editing them all to sound more consistent with one another, seeing as Caitlin, Michelle, and I all had written multiple summaries for multiple lectures)

– I want to make the video of the lectures appear larger on the page

– I want to put up final edits of the transcripts (maybe not by this week, but begin the process)

– I want to somehow make the menu across the top screen extend all tabs across to fill the entire menu (there is only a small space left on the right side!)

– I want to connect the same video and audio lectures via links within each page/post

– I want to clean up the quote plug in on the left side

– Once the selected stories are uploaded to Vimeo, I would like to begin to post them on the website as well


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  1. Wow!! You guys are getting a lot done! I will say that I was most impressed with your site yesterday during presentations and I really liked how you guys linked your resumes to the site. You’ve guys definitely inspired my group to do the same! Good luck with your upcoming work!