E-Portfolio: A Work in Progress

E-Portfolio: A Work in Progress

I am a little late posting about my E-Portfolio because I still have a lot to work on. Here is what I have so far: Laura Donahue’s E-Portfolio.

I have emailed my boss from my internship at the Fluvanna County Historical Society because I need photographs from when I was creating exhibits for the museum from the past two summers. There are some books and newspaper articles that I would like to collect and post on my website as well.

I would like to post my thesis abstract, include forums I have attended and presented research at, including my thesis in the Fall 2011 History Symposium as well as the Women’s Study’s Forum last week. I am also considering putting up my previous courses and their descriptions – I may just have to pick the courses that are relevant to what I want to do for my career.

I am actually really excited to continue working on this portfolio. Not only is it important in order to get a job after I graduate with my Masters in 2013, it is also a great way to see how much I have accomplished already. It’s hard to gauge what projects I have worked on already, and this is a great systematic way of doing so. The fact that it is also incredibly easy to update with current projects and information is incredibly useful and important.

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