Digital Identity

Digital Identity

The Rise of Alter Egos in Everybody’s Space – Kim Hart

This article, written in 2008, discusses the ways in which Facebook and Myspace users have adapted to an increased availability of personal information on social networking sites. Since this article is dated a few years back,  there have been a few changes that need to be addressed. Myspace is now a music site that allows users to have access to bands from all across the world that are signed or unsigned – many of which have become famous and well known because of Myspace’s music demo and full song software, allowing anyone to listen to clips and full songs of Myspace band users. This site is now just used for music promotional purposes. Facebook has now gotten increasingly better with it’s privacy settings since 2008. That all being said, the article does bring up good points about the emergence of ‘Social Networking Alter Egos.’

Things I have Learned

– Many people have created new identies and profiles on Facebook, because of privacy content. I have Facebook friends who have completely changed their names, deleted and re-activated their profiles just to keep their privacy under control – especially as college seniors, when looking for jobs and graduate schools, the party pictures and personal information could make or break you as a potential employee/student.

– These new profiles emerging can be seen as positive an negative – positive for the protection of personal information and keeping work and play separate. Negative, because it redefines idea of networking in a broader sense.

– That people really do not explore the privacy setting enough. If people wanted their information secure on social networking sites, there are ways to hide almost EVERYTHING now. And if people are still concerned about privacy, it might be easier to stay away from social networking sites.

On Disturbed Presence (And Blogrolls) – Jean Burgess

Burgess discusses Blogs as a form of social networking, connecting people with similar interests via blog posts or blogs themselves through blogrolls (which, in 2007, were becoming irrelevant) and the emerging popularity of the RSS feed.

Things I have learned:

– Well, I learned what a blogroll is – it’s a list or set of links that connect to other blogs, generally with similar subjects or interests.

– The article, written in 2007, discusses the decline in the need for blogrolls. With the emergence of the RSS feed, who needs a list of blog links, when you can read all of your favorite blogs, without even clicking on the links?

– Although this article is a few years old as well, it does hold some valuable food for thought. When we have massive amounts of data and information we find compelling or interesting, we need way to organize it. The way we organize our internet networking – in this case, blogs of similar interests – is always in a constant state of evolution. With new ways of  networking, new ways to organize interests (photos, blogs, social networking sites) emerge.

Digital Resume – Hire Hassan 

Seeing as we have to create a digital resume for the Digital History class, I figured it would be a good opportunity to check out the example Professor McClurken gave us. Unlike the Hart article i discussed earlier, digital resume’s are a way in which to use online networking to not only to show potential employers important personal information, but to gain their interest in new and creative ways.

Things I have learned

– Keeping the page very clean, easy to read, short paragraphs, and having multiple photos is important. We discussed this in class a few times:  online asthetics are just as important as the information on the page when trying to draw potential employers.

– That you can allow your creativity to give you an edge with a digital resume that is harder to do with resume on paper.

– An aspect of the digital resume that really interest me was the blog feature. it gives the employer an idea of current events you may be involved or interested in that keeps the resume fresh and updated.

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