James Farmer Lecture Group Progress Report

James Farmer Lecture Group Progress Report

So Kelsey and I were trying to figure out how to create clips of some of the James Farmer video lectures last Tuesday, but we could not figure out how to edit the .flv files in Adobe Premiere. Once Caitlin had a look at our many files of James Farmer, she discovered that we had .mpeg files of the videos that can be edited easily on Adobe Premiere. Caitlin and Michelle took the weekend to look over how we plan on hosting the videos. The video files we have are extremely big – YouTube can’t handle the size and we may have to upgrade Vimeo to Vimeo Plus, which allows us to upload 5GB a week – but it is $59.95 a year. Hopefully we can move past technical difficulties soon and move on to our presentation of our website and the archive we have envisioned. I am going to play with our wordpress site as much as I can without the video or audio later tonight, and hopefully have something to show for our 3-5 minute group presentation on Thursday.


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  1. That sounds good Laura! I’m excited to see what you come up with and are able to do. I think after all these ‘speed-bumps’ it will just make our project stronger in the end…and we’ll know how to troubleshoot really well with any other obstacles! I’m also kind of glad we attempted to clip the video because I did learn that it’s not always user error. (I’m also glad that no one else was there to see). See you tomorrow!

  2. Well that sounds awesome but I would be super tight on my wallet. especially as a poor college student with a wedding, graduation, moving, etc etc on her mind. There might be some other alternatives to not spend money. Why not talk to jim groom, or o’donnell? he is awesome

  3. Well I guess to be positive, it is possible to digitize those files? Hopefully you won’t have to pay out of pocket. Are there no other (free) alternatives? I just gotta tell you that your project sounds really awesome, especially after hearing the clip you played last week during your progress report/presentation. 🙂